La Liga betting tips

Each new player of the bookmaker office makes its first bets in the hope of a big win, but after a certain time, most players are disappointed in the opportunity to earn in this way. This does not mean that you can’t make money in this way, but for this you need a very responsible approach to business. As stated by the leaders of the bookmakers, only 2-3% of players win in the stakes. This suggests that it is still possible to win, but it will be very difficult to gain income from the rates. In the championship of Spain very strong teams play such as Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid. The championship of Spain is famous for the high level of the game. The best La Liga odds for the Spanish Football Championship (Segunda, Primera) are from forecasters – they constantly show profits and quality analysis. Match results and tournament tables, team points, as well as accurate predictions – all this can be made independently or found on special resources.

Types of bets on La Liga

  • On the outcome. The easiest bet with which all players start. You need to predict the winner of the game.
    Long term rates. These are bets on the winners or prize winners of tournaments, as well as on the entry of teams or players into playoff tournaments, departure of teams at a certain stage of the tournament, etc. Such bets can be made both before the start of tournaments and during them, but the odds will vary according to the change in the chances of the teams or players to win.
  • On total. By total is meant the number of goals in the game (as well as games, sets, points, etc.). There are also individual totals in which guessing the number of goals of an individual team is assumed.
  • With a handicap. Odds with the odds must be applied in those games where there is a clear favorite or outsider. If you think that the team is able to defeat its rival with a difference of 3-4 goals, then you need to bet with a minus handicap, where the number indicates the difference of goals. If you want to bet on an outsider, but are not sure that he will win or draw, then you need to bet with a plus handicap (here the figure indicates the allowable goal difference when an outsider is defeated).
  • To the exact score. In football, on an accurate score of goals, in volleyball, on an exact score of parties, etc.
    On the individual indicators of players. For example, in football matches of the leading championships, you can put on a goal of a certain player, an assist, double or hat-trick.
  • On yellow cards, corner and penalty. In the case of a penalty, the bet is accepted according to the principle of what happens / will not occur, and when betting on cards or corners, you can try to predict the winner in these markets or specify the total or individual total.
  • Other types of bets. Each large office will offer you bets on markets such as a time match, the outcome of a period or half time, an even / odd number of goals, etc.

Key points for a successful game La Liga betting tips

  • Do not make a lot of bets in a short time. 2-3 rates per day are the optimal level, a greater number of rates will be very difficult to analyze.
  • Do not put large sums. It is necessary to put each time either a fixed amount (for example, 100 rubles) or a fixed percentage of the bank (optimally no more than 2-3%).
  • Place your bets on one or two tournament events. If you have certain knowledge about the teams and players of La Liga, then bet on one of its teams, if you know the German Bundesliga best then bet on this tournament. Bets on matches of weak tournaments are justified only if you have studied these championships well.
  • Do not get carried away with live bets and express bets. In Live, it is dangerous to play due to the fact that the player does not have time to make a correct analysis, and the express trains are bad for the increased margin (commission) of the bookmakers.
  • Take breaks in bets. They are especially useful after loose (losing) series.
  • Use as much information as possible when analyzing sports events. Not only statistical indicators will be useful, but also interviews with coaches, players, their statements on social networks, weather forecasts for the match, etc.
  • Find a strategy for the game. Rates without a strategy in the long run of the game always turn out to be unprofitable.
  • Put on the highest ratios. To do this, you need to use in the game a few bookmakers. You can compare bookmakers but it is easier to use special services that will give you quotes in seconds.
    Do not make emotional bets. If you lose a few bets in a row, do not recoup.
  • Do not buy paid forecasts. Believe the word, even if the analyst really is a successful player, you will not be able to repeat his bets and earn income, since the odds after the bets of strong players will surely subside.
    Look in the lines not for “faithful”, which in reality does not exist, but for undervalued rates markets.
  • Use the advice of other players. On the Internet you can find a large number of free analytics. Tips experienced players can push.

It is very difficult to win in the stakes, but if 2-3% of players can earn income from them, then with the right approach you will succeed. In any case, success in betting will not come to you in the first or second month of the game; many betting professionals have spent several years to achieve current results. The main thing is not to despair and remember that even a negative experience is always beneficial.