La Liga general info

Many fans prefer the English but not La Liga because in Spain the intrigue lies only in that of the 2-3 permanent teams will become the champion. This is partly true, but if you look at the UEFA coefficient table, it turns out that no other European national tournament can compete with La Liga. Stable results of Spanish clubs in the international arena speak about the level of the championship. Over the past 10 years, La Liga teams have won the Champions League five times and six times in the Europa League. In addition, the Champions League final this year consists of two Spanish teams, and in the Europa League, Seville again reached the finals, which is so confident in this tournament that she won 4 cups in the last 10 years.

Tournament format

20 teams of La Liga play each other in two rounds. At the end of the season, 4 first places are selected in the Champions League, places 5 to 7 enter the Europa League, and the last three teams drop out of the lower division (Segunda). Most titled teams:

  • Real Madrid – 32 wins
    Barcelona – 23 wins
    Atletico Madrid – 10 wins

Two years ago, the spiteful critics called La Liga the championship of two teams and in many ways they were right, since after the victory of Valencia in the 2003-04 season, the Real Madrid and the Catalan Barcelona played the title 9 times in a row. In the 2013/14 season, Madrid Atletico was able to get ahead of both clubs and became the champion. After the not very successful next season, Atletico re-entered the fight for the title and had the chance to become one before the penultimate round, but stumbled in a match with the Levant. In any case, we can confidently speak about the appearance of a “third force” in Spain. In the next 5-7 years, these 3 clubs will probably play a championship among themselves too big financial gap between them and other participants of the tournament.

Beginning with the 2009–10 seasons Pichichi won the trophy (award to the best scorer of La Liga) only for two players. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo became its owners 3 times. In total, over the past 13 years, the Spanish player in only one season became the scorer of La Liga (Daniel Guiza in the 2007–08 seasons). This season, Luis Suarez will probably shift the two titans from the first place (for the tour to the end of the championship, he overtakes Ronaldo by 4 goals, and Messi by as many as 9 goals). Even despite the beautiful season of Suarez, he was largely lucky because Cristiano got into shape only by the middle of the season, and Messi missed a lot of matches due to injury. In the coming years, for sure this troika, as well as Neymar and Gareth Bale will play the top scorer among themselves. Atlético also has its own scorer in the face of Antoine Grizman, but the team is not scoring so much to compete with the players of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Will La Liga come to the States?

The unique agreement reached the Spanish La Liga and the multinational company Relevant. According to the contract for 15 years, the championship matches of Spain will be held in North America – in the United States and Canada. On the basis of this agreement, LaLiga-NorthAmerica was created, representing the interests of the Spanish Examples in North America, where the world championship will be held in 2026. The contract includes a clause on which in the upcoming season the Catalan Barcelona or Real Madrid will hold one of their matches in the USA or Canada.

“We strive to develop an interest in football around the world. This revolutionary agreement will undoubtedly give a big boost to the popularity of the beautiful game in North America,” said Javier Tebas, president of the Spanish Championships top division. The representative of this organization in the USA and Canada will be La Liga / North America, recently created in New York. She will work to develop and strengthen the position of football culture in these countries. Achieving the goals will go through a wide range of activities, including children’s football academies, the development of children’s coaches, marketing agreements, activating the masses, holding exhibition games and official meetings within the Examples in two countries. In addition, work will be carried out to promote the brand of La Liga and

Spanish clubs in the US market.

According to the Spanish newspaper ElPais, the first match of the championship of Spain in the USA is planned to be held this season. And, most likely, it will be a confrontation between two giants of world club football in Real Madrid and Barça. This fight always causes an incredibly high audience interest. However, as the Spanish newspapers write, Real Madrid did not inspire the decision of the La Liga leadership to hold matches in the United States, and intends to refuse this innovation. Also, many club players. Examples were unhappy with the idea of ​​playing some games in North America. On Wednesday, the captains of all 20 teams of the highest league gathered in the office of the Spanish Football Association, where they prepared a statement against the decision of the league.